Deep Inside Of Me

There is something deep inside of me that screams out for you,
Your name,
Your Trust,
Your Touch,
Your Kiss,
Every moment we spent,
I don't want to live another day without you,
I don't want to sleep,
I don't want to dream about you,
I hate it how it makes me feel,
I miss waking next to you,
Waking next to you made me felt safe,
Deep inside of me,
Made me want to kiss you again,
You took away my pain,
My sadness,
I hate it when I think about you,
The time we spent together,
Was never forgotten,
Deep inside of me is dying,
I can't believe it hurts this much,
Why can't I let you go,
Deep inside of me is fading,
Waiting for you,
Slowly I am losing you by every mintue,
Never knew it will hurt me this much,
Sadly we fade away.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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