Deep Into Each Others Hearts

I saw you laying there
with that blank stare.
I looked into your gorgeous eyes
as I laid by your side.
you look at me
and told me what you see.
you made my heart melt
because you told me how you felt.
I said I love you so much,
and you responded with a hug.
we laid there staring at each other
enjoying the time we spend together.
you wrap your arms around me
and held me tight.
you gave me a kiss
and said what a dream
my wish came true
all I want is to be with you.
I look into those gorgeous brown eyes
as tears start to run out of mine.
you look at me and ask what’s wrong,
these are tears of joy not sorrow.
you run your hand through my hair,
and kiss each one of my tears.
you say I love you so much baby girl
I say I love you too baby.
you are my world.
you lay there and stare at me
as you hold me close to your heart
and you never let go.

by volence patel

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i love this..true love! ! Wonderfull. 10+