Deep Sleep

Often times in life we get comfortable,
Not paying attention to the world ills.
Forgetting that injustices is happening
And it's happening all around us.
Steady attacking our lives like a deadly cancer.

Being judged by outside perception
And not being allowed to showcase who we really are.
People are quick to write us off as outcast
Even quicker to throw us behind prison bars.
They push dope in the our neighborhoods,
And have liquor stores on every corner and block.
Clouding our minds and making it feel like its all good.

Imaginary things make you think
That you are living the American dream.
Not realizing that the America never made that dream for you.
Niggers and slaves is all that we was meant to be.
In Africa we was queens and kings carpenters and doctors,
Now killers and thugs is all that we are portrayed to be.
A damn damn shame, we have been played like fools.
To ignorant to wake from this deep sleep.

by Craig Mize

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