Deep, Sweet, Passion

Poem By raesheka antwine

he is my deep love that we have together
the sweet bliss from every kiss
the passion when we talk

the dept of his love shows me how much love he has for me, the deeper his love the less of my pain and trouble, the deeper the sweet bliss from every kiss, his love is what i miss, i the passiopn of the love, its not about the sex, its more about the way i feel when we are together, he melts me more and more, leve me breathless
with out his love i was nothing, my days always arayed with pain of finding true love

the sweet bliss when i found him, im glad god had blessed me with a beautful man like him, i feel as tho life is war, and together we can make it

the passion when we talk, its like my ear ring of the love he wispers, the time that flys by we are in each others arms, miost at love and feelings, the joy, happy that he has made tears come down my face, tears of joy and nothing more and drive me away im stuck on his love like fish outta water,

when he is not around, i think about him, loving him in more then one ways, his love is what keeps me warm, his voice drives me insane
he loves my wet passion, the passion i get when we speak, im so in love my mind is all on him just him, thats my baby and i am his lady

deep, sweet passion

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A very passionate write, To be in love and experience true joy. Love this one. Thanks.

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