DC (AUG 04 1982 / DETROIT)

Deep Thoughts? ? ?

Words pass, past words
Dreams of Dreamt dreams

Spoken verbs now slurd
Gift of the gab, enhanced vocab

Vison sought Image found
Story herd yet not told

Words free no longer bound
Invisible messages being seen

Hearts exposed no longer froze
We tell a tale of a cultured dream

We continue to move while standing still
Vision beyond a view of the ocean

Beneath our feet backward moving hill
Look in my eyes its poetry in motion

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Comments (3)

How lovely! 10 Yesterday we laughed and loved and dreamed.... Dorothy
This is great, it's like being here yet not here-u know what i mean. Thanks.
excellent - playful and yet thought provoking.... beneath our feet - backward moving hill! ! sounds like most of my days. keep up the good work dc - youve got style. the first lines reminded me of edgar alan poe - dream within a dream.