White Night

All night
I float
in the shallow ponds
while the moon wanders
bone white,
among the milky stems.
I saw her hand reach
to touch the muskrat’s
small sleek head
and it was lovely, oh,
I don’t want to argue anymore
about all the things
I thought I could not
live without! Soon
the muskrat
will glide with another
into their castle
of weeds, morning
will rise from the east
tangled and brazen,
and before that
and beautiful
hurricane of light
I want to flow out
across the mother
of all waters,
I want to lose myself
on the black
and silky currents,
the tall lilies
of sleep.

by Mary Oliver

Comments (5)

that place that is no more- and you within this dream I found...very dreamy indeed like eyes in a picture you cannot stop looking at, well done thinking poem ++++=10 regards
Really like this poem; seems like pure iip all condensed; many poems into a single one..(smile)
that poem really stuck to me. i dont noe why but it did. its very...sweet and its too incredible for words =)
sweet, lovely and captivating.. romantic title... I love this... 10+++ lovelots, Maia
hmn...dream within her dream, your dream is awakened from within...short verses, meaningfully weaven...Good morning! (here)