Deep Woods

I never asked for anything
from anyone.

Well, maybe I asked to be held in grace while in this world,
but the more I wander
the more I realize

Its all relative and, I have been all along.

while that should be enough
the fact is, I have something to say about everything.
though not a carnival barker offering magic elixirs
selling my wares of thought for fortune.
I do stand at the edge of the woods, ready to offer a seat at the fire,
some warm food, a smile and my ideas to anyone who might wander by
and stop

no one really wants to listen

as they hurdle within time, live and survive within the circle
they call their own lives, in their own hub
of the universe, i realize
its hard to imbibe anything on anyone
of well meaning and incubated glorious nonsense,
to the degree that fits the find.

by Cee Bea

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