</>Smiling Glimpses in little eyes
Shining cloth in little body
Sparkling lights in little hand
Singing lips in little face

Once again in the dark night
Filled with endless small lights
It Clear muds in mind
Like our shining utensils

Clenced body and soul
Praying with positive Aura
It is the right time to welcome
The Wealth Godess LAKSHMI

come and join the occation
Of the glourious and worthy
Wish and share new dreams
With Light smiles and Sweets

Wishing All Friends a Glourious DIWALI and HAPPY NEW YEAR

by Vinod Kumar

Comments (4)

Festival of lights and festoon for end of all evils and bads...well written and wishing all in anticipation for the forthcoming one..
very sweet poem written with so much serenity and simplicity. Happy Diwali, Vinod Mamta
Nice poem to celebrate festival of lights! Happy time to you!
Written with charm and simplicity. Happy new year to you, my poet friend! 10, for you. Warm wishes, Sandra