Raindrops sparkle any day
Look up the sky for a ray

You may find a rainbow
Enjoy the pleasant Nature's color show

First is Robust Red
Put some jam on your bread

Second is Opulent Orange
Time to have a glass of Tangy orange

Third is Yearning Yellow
Place your books in a row

Fourth is Gracious Green
It comes exactly in-between
Ask your friend 'how have you been? '

Fifth is Beautiful Blue
See the vast sky hue

Sixth is Ingenious Indigo
Say 'See Ya' before you go

Seventh and last is Vibrant Voilet
Thank God! we didn't get wet

If you don't find a rainbow, don't be sad
Wear a smile, we all will be glad!

by Manjeshwari P MYSORE

Comments (4)

Festival of lights and festoon for end of all evils and bads...well written and wishing all in anticipation for the forthcoming one..
very sweet poem written with so much serenity and simplicity. Happy Diwali, Vinod Mamta
Nice poem to celebrate festival of lights! Happy time to you!
Written with charm and simplicity. Happy new year to you, my poet friend! 10, for you. Warm wishes, Sandra