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Think back and let those
Horrible memories surface
Let me remember
All those fights and purposes
But I don't know how to cry
So after years those
Mental images finally fly
Go deeper...
To the kicks, punches, bruises
No matter how hard you try
The good guy always loses
Deeper, Deeper
Vomiting, bleeding, hating
Don't let yourself taiste it
Until the point of fainting
Deeper Damnit!
Feeling, forcing, fucking
Years nothing was said
Goddamn aren't you lucky
Devils blackness stains
Your soul
Putting me down for so long
Sorry father, but no more
Do you not understand?
Do you need repeating
I went through so much
Took so many beatings
Just to hear you simply say
I love you
And have a minutes pretending
That it was true

by India Johnson

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very real. very moving. thank you.