Deeper Love

My dear lady,
Your heart is very strong on this love;
It is stronger than Bahrain! !
Your deeper love is what makes me grow.
Sweeter than honey,
So is your love;
I will melt in your arms always for,
You and i were meant to be.
Your kiss of love is full of passion,
It melts me away and leads me into your paradise!
I will reach the heavens whenever we do sleep together,
With your deep love always in mind.
I have come to cheerise your love,
Your mind is very clean;
You are closer to my heart than ever!
Your love is more than gold,
Come closer to me and feel my loneliness;
Come and kiss me my love.
Your body is soft and,
Your deeper love is what makes me grow;
Let me grow younger with your to reach the skies! !
I am dying in passion,
Hold me and kiss me;
You are the answer to my love in this world,
So come closer to feel my loneliness.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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a deeper love that grows through time...............fine piece, so romantic Edward. Cate