Deepest Blue

When I look in your eyes
they're amazing to me.

They're just
like the oceans
tempting me
to sail away
with you.

They're the deepest blue.

I'd build a raft
made from love
to sail away
in your eyes.

I wouldn't
want anybody
to find me.

I could stay here forever.

When you hold out
your hand to me
I hold on ready
to fly away.

I've never felt
this way before.

It must be true
that I'm in love
with you.

My deepest blue.

When you whisper
your love to me.

It sends love
dancing around
inside my head.

But only to the sound of you.

My deepest blue.

© Jon.London 2009

by London Love Poems

Comments (1)

I know this wasn't written for me Jon, as I have brown eyes lol, joking apart it is a lovely poem that warms the heart, thank you, 10 Lynda xx