Deeply Wounded

My love for you was so deep!
But, you left me so soon in the cold;
And, i am now deeply wounded.

I can feel the pain inside me,
And now i am in trouble without your heart;
For, my heart still yearns for you.

I try to keep on keeping up for survival on this issue!
And like once upon a time in my lifetime with you;
But, you were once my sweet lover.

Heat, heart!
Emphatically noted with the muse of love;
But, you left me so soon in the cold.

You went out through my hands in view of worldly things,
But, my role was to write and your role was to love me;
However, you left me in the cold without a clue.

I am now in the field of dotted olive groves! !
Thinking about the future without you;
Even though, i am deeply wounded.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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My role to write Your role to love. Wonderful!