Football - The Most Beautiful Game

After stepping into the field
there is no way out
even before you start the game
you hear the fans shout

The players then sings their anthem
its football......
the most beautiful game.....

And when the whistle blows
the crowd starts their roar
in the 90 tensed minutes
the players got to score

Football is friendly only in name
because friendliness is not meant for football....
the most beautiful game....

So when the hard tackles go in
and injured fellow goes out
the crowd becomes furious
and starts to shout

Even after breaking one's leg
there seems to be no shame
because its football....
the most beautiful game....

by Rohan Roy

Comments (4)

Lamont is correct. This is not a poem. Not even a narrative poem (apologies to Homer, etc) . It's a very good short short story though and belongs on a different site...
This is most certainly a poem. It is a song. It is a psalm. It is the sound of rain on dry ground. It is the sound of a lion from a great distance. it is the sound of horses running on hard ground. It is the wind in the leaves, the waves breaking, thunder & silence. It is beauty.
Mr. Palmer, weather you accept it or not, this is a poem, and a beautiful and meaningful one at that. Only because MS. Harjo does not use the accepted and standard form of poetry paired with the monotonous and inevitable rhyme scheme and meter that is forced upon writers and scholars to be deemed good. Rather, Harjo is returning to the foundation of the oral tradition that has existed since time immemorial from her ancestors. As Harjo states: How do I say it? In this language there are no words for how the real world collapses. Sir, she knows the difference more than you can ever imagine, and is retaliating against the institutional parameters that colonialism and assimilation has imposed on Indigenous peoples.
This is simply not poem. Why doesn't Miss Harjo know the difference? -LP