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Defamanation Of Character (James: 4: 11)

****The Absolute Here N Now


We felt the icy chill in the air- -
It seemed to be blowing from all directions...
With a little digging we got our answers- -
We were not surprised by our detection's! ! ! ! .

We are speaking about the: : Here N Now
About someone who Our God every day
Even after spreading ugly rumors through the air
Ruining anothers reputation - - come what may! ! ! !

We could say that this doesn't surprise us- -
Given the true background of her life as a child...
Made to feel like the 'odd one out' once too often
Might tend to make a child very riled! ! ! !

This icy chill just breaks our hearts- -
But then again, we shouldn't be that surprised...
As it's in the nature of many, to always believe the worst- -
Most especially, when it comes to a criminal drug families lies! ! ! !

As long as we & ours know the truth- -
And all the misery we were made to go through- -
It matters not as we get to see the chills 'real character's'...
While we & Our God - hold steady to the FACTS, that ARE TRUE! ! ! !

Theodora Onken


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Found another error; typing to fast. Would not edit so i am correcting down here. Second verse - second line should read: : About someone who prays to Our God every day. Sorry everyone.