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The wheels in my head are turning faster and faster,
I think I’m starting to fall behind.
Looking at them there, I sit and stare,
Wondering how they keep on going.
My body is wearing down,
My mind it starting to tire.
I try to push on,
I try to pretend everything is just fine.
I think I’m starting to fall behind.
The workload is getting larger by the minute,
But sadly I have no back up.
Everything seems out of place,
I’m losing control.
The bosses look down,
And scold my deviance.
I think I’ve fallen behind,
But what do I do.
Without proper training,
And not enough time,
I have to sit and wait.
Wasting away their precious time,
As they defame me behind closed doors.
I’ve fallen behind,
And for that they let me go.
Accusations and lies brought the tears to my eyes.
As I walked out of that building I laughed quietly to myself,
Knowing the pressure has fallen to someone else.
Seven years gone down the drain,
But all was not lost.
I fell behind,
But it shall not happen once more.
I know my skills,
And to waste they were put.
For now I live the free life and love each moment.
To work, I know I’ll go again,
But this time, I’ll choose the right place.

*My mom was the inspiration for this poem; it reflects the situation with her last job*

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