Defeated Soul

The boys had won the final match,
'Hip, hip, hurrah! 'they repeatedly exclaimed in pure joy,
The ecstatic words pervaded the air with great emotions,
They were walking in the procession,
Their joy knew no bounds.
I was very much impressed on them
And truly wanted to be a part of their infinite pleasure,
But alas! as I looked back,
My mind changed into bitterness,
I saw the defeated members of the match;
They looked dull and pale,
I felt extremely sorry for that group
And stood like a defeated soul in my position.
Win and loss is an inevitable result of the match,
But to stand between the winner and the loser is a tough experience,
I was no exception on that occasion;
I did my best that I could that moment,
calmly I went to the defeated class and consoled them saying
They too had played well, but one team had to lose,
Then I paused for a moment and slowly went away with a heavy heart.


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