It is cruel, almost mocking
The daily battle against this emotion
The feeling unrelenting twists
Barbs of broken dreams into the soul
Each solitary moment pains
Tears, they have stopped falling
As though numb, nullified now
By what appears never to be
Yet the heart is loving, wanting
And love is found waiting
For that opportune moment
To play out it's ideal scene
Act one of the play begins
By departing this place
We have found ourselves in

by Matthew Holloway

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I like this song it is for freedom
It never stops being beautifully defiant
Francis This is an interesting piece of poetry keep it up
Gr8 anthem like, may u rest in peace for dis charmin poem a patriotic bravura
The musical interpretation of this poem by Jimi Hendrix is an instrumental version of the War of 1812.
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