Defend Me Not


Dear diary time to keep your secrets
I failed to be
A woman you betrothed to be close to your relish - I failed to be...

Defend me not
For I've been nothing but a piece of stain to damage your heart.
Defend me not
For I am a strain of pain to your soul.

Feel no guilt
For I am not what you thought I'd be
Stay no more
For I buried all that you gave to me with lies and deceits.

Wish me not farewell
For I caused you a lot of misfortunes
Cry no more
For I will never hurt you again.

Say no more
Close the door behind you
Never look back
Leave all the shame and regrets to me
Feel no bad
For I..... I did you wrong

I broke your heart
Shattered your soul
Killed the inner joy in you
Defend me not
For I caused you pain..

Stay no more
For I am Willing to let go
To unbind these ropes that tied us together
Feel no misfortune..

maturity ruined our relationship
And I... I am the reason why you feel so broken....
Defend me not.

Rachel La Poetess

by Kwenadi Thobejane

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