Defending Apples …..[ Another " Chicken-Poem "; Deer; Backyard Apples; Suburban Housewife-Chicken-Raiser ]

Poem By Bri Edwards

Alice leaves to collect apples for her chickens,
But she sees three deer and HER heart quickens.
They ALL want apples; the plot now does thicken.

The deer ‘stand their ground', ready for a fight.
But Alice will defend apples with all of her might!
I'm WATCHING from a porch; it's a wondrous sight.

All the deer have antlers; their heads wildly shake.
To help my Ali, I toss her our heavy garden rake,
and I WATCH …what happens next, …as I eat cake.

It's a battle for apples, …for her chickens too.
It becomes a battle equaled by very few, ….
like Napoleon Bonaparte's loss at Waterloo.
[ I ALMOST forget, my yummy cake, to chew! ]

The deer run off, each LUCKY to still have its hide.
Ali collects HER apples, her body FILLED with pride.
To get MORE yummy cake, I then go back inside.

(August-September 2020)

Comments about Defending Apples …..[ Another " Chicken-Poem "; Deer; Backyard Apples; Suburban Housewife-Chicken-Raiser ]

Quite a help you were...Good poem though!
Genius, Bri. I don't know why, but as soon as I read 'Napoleon" I thought of both 1984 and Pope's Rape of the Locke....You must be communicating/communing, somehow, some way, with the classics....
Now, i know where Alice hid herself. In your backyard, of course! .....she dug a hole and there it was............. a wonderland......Alice in wonderland! Still cannot recollect where the apples were or the chicken....? ? . All this while, you eat a yummy Apple Pie or an Apple Cinnamon cake! ! Too good to be true.......For the fantastic imagination........ a big 10
What a wonderful story brilliantly versified. Beautifully written with superb imagery and great rhyme. All the qualities of a good poem are present in this poetic gem. Very entertaining. To my Poem List.
Dang! i also typed into " topic" area the words 'chickens', 'apples', 'deer', and, i think 'farming'. i guess they did not pass the test for poem topics. : ( to MyPoemList, of course. bri :) :)))))))))))))))))))

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