Deficiencies They Keep To Protect

Too often she has chosen to lie,
At the expense of others.
As she defended with protection,
Her insecurities she needs to correct.
But they have not been set,
As her priorities.
Just yet.

Too often he makes excuses,
For not making advances.
Towards that which will enhance his life.
And nothing suggested,
Will be okay or considered as right.
To him it is the environment he lives in,
That feeds his appetite all day and night.

They both have the same thing in common.
They both believe they should be bestowed,
Gift wrapped packages.
With their names on them in bold solid gold.

They both have the same thing in common.
They are both getting old.
With preferences they wish respected.
And a keeping of fears,
They can not see defects their steps.
Deficiencies they keep to protect.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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