What do you think is love?
What do you think we should call love?
Can one love and like at the same time
Can love be caring, giving, and all good thing?
Is like different from love
Is love your emotions
I wake every day to be faced with love
Every minute of my life is given to love
Love has hold on me, because I gave it my all
Love controls me, talks to me and show me the right part to life
What can i do without love in the whole of my life
Love make approval of all that I need
Love keeps my enemies far from my dwelling
Love stays with me, cares for me even protect me
Am so loved that my enemies love to hate the fact that they enemies
Am loved by love
Am loved for love
Am loved in love
Am always for love
I love the fact that love lives in me
Love alone made me
Am in love with love

by Collins Onyedikachukwu Levi

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