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CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)


This is not a poem
It's just a collection of words that rhyme
This is not love
It just warms my heart and exists through time
This is not imaginary
It's just something only I can see in my mind
This is not insanity
it's just my brain losing control, falling off line
This is not a song
It's just verses, a chorus and a melody
This is not real
It's just something existing right in front of me
This is not a tear
It's just a ball of emotion falling from my eye
This is not the end
It's just over beyond everything I've tried
This is not hate
It's just the anger I feel when I see you
This is not life
It's just a cycle of birth, death, ultimate truth
This is not pain
It's only the blade of the knife against my skin
This is not joy
It's just exstatic happiness from within
This is not what it is
This just is

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