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Define A Father
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)

Define A Father

what did i do so wrong, to make you hate me for this long? your supposed to be my father, your supposed to care, but then again what father breaks promises made to his child, what kind of father is never there. I tried so hard to please you. I gave you the best i could to make you love me but you never would. I thought it was because of her that you never wanted me around, i did all i could to make you see how much she hated me. Then she was gone and i thought the problem would be fixed but the truth was so plain to see, it wasnt only her who hated me. you'd always ignore me, that would hurt so bad, then you'd yell at me and tell me ' you didn't want to see my god-damn face' and that would make me so mad, your supposed to love me, damnit grow up and be a real dad. Define a father to me and all that comes to mind is a loveing, secure man who knows that his children love him and even more, he knows he loves his children. Define a father and sometimes i still try to see you but in reality your only love is electronic and doesn't really give a damn that you love it. Define a father and there's no way to describe the love and devotion, the smiles and cheers, he helps you succeed and wipes away your tears. A father to me is devoted, loving, determined, and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his family. Define a father and i dont see you.
Devotion to his family and all the things he can do. CAn you look at your father and know that he loves you?

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Thanks for your poem 10++++++++(++
Wow, real emotions there.