Why won't she listen to me?
Has luster lacked, or passion waned?
Have words or attitude pained?
Is love a temperament to be changed?
A question's worth is difficult,
an answer's worth is simple.
If words could heal what love cannot
then even love is vain.

by Poet Dragon

Comments (3)

Smart poemo.... All the best Roger
wow i think i might just take a hit and cough and say imagination and inhibition and inner sensation and include rougness with the bumps of despair has me completely craving to be a root growing into the living roars you will understand, well done collegiate sats, things that exist on earth come from hot foreheads, ground the grass and daisies be inscribed to the gods forever, well done
You really manage to cut through and delet every trace of label and prejudice we put on others. 'We' meaning humans, wich exactly as you say, is the only label we can ever truly wear. On the other hand, with the way humans are and because of the what seems most natrual of human deeds, such as murder, facism, stupidity and completely terrifying masses of self-focusing and ignorrance to others, if there is one label I will to every price refuse to wear proudly upon my chest it would be the label 'human'. Humanity is not something I am proud being a part of, on many levels I am more moraly ashamed of that than of any other label you may put on me. But your words really truly express how many sides there are of each label, most of all the label as 'human'.