! ! ! ! Defining Insanity [are We Still In Same Conversation? ]

Mental gratification …. Absent indulgence
or whatever be its final christening …
too abstract to subscribe to perimeters of abstraction
or accept authority
This tinge of madness
this aberration imparts clarity, impales reason.
Does it actually stop somewhere?
Can you contain it?
……Say in the vessel of verse as vassal of verse?
Ask yourself… for the only times I felt
free from the tether of skin
was in moments when
I embraced the transcendental…

Call it weirdness if you so choose
it’s the optimal contouring
of your concaves with convexes
of natures that elicits
cry of Alleluia/Eureka…… Alhamdulillah ….

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An amazing abstract poem. Great to peruse it. Pls review my latest poem too.
Bravo, superb. Beautifully written. Thank you
'this aberration imparts clarity, impales reason.' My, how this line sticks with me. I agree, 'impales reason' is such a perfect description. Always, always a pleasure reading your stuff.
I'm relatively certain this is my favorite of yours. Clarity is torture, really - and 'impales reason' is dead on. There's a fistful of the sky in this. It really is quite wonderful. If this be madness, Rehan - I'm buying tickets and hopping a plane to Bedlam. Christine
Missed your poems Rehan..you know my opinion about your sweet charming writing...loved this poem too..wonderful
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