Defining Pleasure

If you are searching for that poem written especially for you
you have to remember that writing poems

is like drinking coffee
brewing, filtering, whitening and sweetening
preceeds consuming
which is actually what happens in courting

But then drinking coffee is like making love
hot yet not scalding
sweet but not too much
Enough but not unlimited
to keep going

Now, if you are thinking what I am thinking
lets have some coffee

by Prathibha Nandakumar

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Comments (3)

defining pleasure with the taste of coffee and with the taste of love seems good
I'm another coffee connessieur. I once did a search of Poemhunter for poems that mention, or are about, coffee. There were hundreds. Some of us on the Forum discussed putting out an anthology of coffee poems for our next Poemhunter anthology. I bet Bangolore coffee's good. Sometimes at the Indian restaurants here around SF, I order Madras coffee. (Sometimes it's easier to talk of coffee than poetry. But maybe coffee's just a tasty metaphor. In 'Wings of Desire', Wim Wender's great film, an angel goes to great lengths to become a real human being, because 1) he's fallen in love with a female trapeze artist, and 2) he wants to experience the taste of coffee!
Prathibha, this is an excellent poem. It is very well done. I like the sound of it when I read it out loud, and it is aptly titled and well written. I like the comparisons, the metaphors of your poem. Well done!