Defining The Cowgirl

Poem By Macy (Nina) Dvirnak

The clothes don't make the cowgirl,
But the definition does.

To be a cowgirl,
It takes heart.
It takes personality
And solid character.

Being a cowgirl isn't
Just some trend.

It requires toughness
And a willing additude
When the time comes
For work to be done.

It insists
On utmost excellence
And skill.

Accuracy and perfection
Are its goals.

The one thing that defines
Someone as a cowgirl
The most,
Is not clothes,
Boots, hairdoos, or accesories.

You are a cowgirl
When you have
A love for horses,
And most importantly-

An undying love for Jesus
And a genuine appreciation
And respect
For the open praire
That he created for our
Personal enjoyment.

This is my definition of
Of the word
And I can garuntee
That you won't find this definition
In the dictionary.


Because I aspire
To be a cowgirl
For Christ.

Are you a cowgirl?

Comments about Defining The Cowgirl

my goodness......... how strangely a cow girl linked with jesus...i wish i say yes but cant, u know y....

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