Definition Of Happiness

ITS A place we have all been to:

a place were difficulties are forgotten
were only joyful events are certain
its a place you cant go to everyday
when you get there not long enough you can stay
a place safe and secure
a shield that deflects any bad thing that could accrue
a place were poise and pride are not neglected
a place were negative thoughts, ideas are not selected
a place far away from here
a place that does not recognize fear
a place that needs along time to get to
yet you arrive and forget any negative thing you have been through
a place that effects so deep
a place were you cant fall asleep
a place that does not exist
yet we have all been there I still insist
a place that’s not defined as a dream or a fantasy
a place that is only called happiness and ecstasy

Yet it is the most beautiful place
where sound of laughter and shape of smile race
on ones face like it would be in grace

by Ayesha Sartawi

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This is a nice expression...Almighty God's original purpose for man and woman was to fill the earth with offspring, keep care of the animals and make the earth a Paradise. He put eternity into our minds because that is how we were created, to live forever. Even scientists do not understand why the human brain is so large and only 8% is used. Death was not in God's plan...'The Answer, Complete' and others explain...thank you for reading some of them...keep writing...we can only improve!