Definition Of Your Smile

You and the sun competes to shine
And you outshine it, a million times.
Never seen you ever so beautiful;
Like a setting sun,
Like stars in clusters, dancing in lonely skies;
Like a garden of lustrous Asiatic lilies.
You must be a warm waterfall in summer,
Falling across high mountains,
Into a plane,
Where puppies and kittens play;
And lions and deer don’t stray
Where cats and mouse cuddle
Like gold fishes in shimmering glass puddles.
I see your smile in rainbow color;
I see you smile, I sense sweet aroma.
You said it all,
By saying nothing at all
With your natural style;
With just a smile.

by Luther Hippolyte

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WOW, ok, I am so amazed by this.... As I read it, I pictured every image that you said about, and what a beautiful painting you were able to do! Great great work! ~~Elya Thorn~~