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Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

We're all just people hoping that one day
we will be able to define life and our existence
You try defining life right now
You try defining existence right now
For every definition there is a thousand questions(probably more)
You can't define anything until you can define yourself
Define yourself before you even try
Try to open up a dictionary
Try to find the words that defines you
It will take much more than eyes
that dart from page to page
and a finger that runs across line after line
Define yourself and then you can take as much time
and define a country
and then the world

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Comments (6)

An extraordinary commentary of.....wisdom...and...depth! Excellent composition.
Really good write, but I'm scared to find the definitions of myself.
Written with words that truly ring. Most excellent!
Nice, thought provoking and task worthy.
I bet you are glad you poured that out cok? lol It almost ran down the page. Yes I agree, we have to love ourselves, never mind define ourselves! lol 10 for blister. Love the name by the way! Grinning Tai