Definitions As An Intention To Describe

Definitions as an intention to describe,
Can be so confining to the mind.
Case in point...
Having to 'some' a meaning.
To those probing their observations,
Making little sense to make sensible...
A reason to find a rhyme.

I remember when I heard the term,
'Baseball' used.
And when I went to my first game,
I was not overwhelmed with excitement.
I couldn't get the 'bat' out of my head.

'Why isn't this game called 'Batball'...
Instead of baseball? '
I kept thinking of that.
Without the bat,
There wouldn't be any baseball played.

Unlike basket...ball.
I can understand that.
I'm sold.
And all that the bases do,
Is just lay there?

That's not a home...base?
And the hitting of a 'homerun'...
That's out of the field of play?

Whoever created this game,
Is a genius.
The terms used as they are applied,
Makes absolutely no sense.

I can understand,
Why it's one of the most favorite sports.
Like golf!
When a player hits that ball,
That might endanger onlookers...
A shouting of 'fore' is heard.
If one is hit...
Be-fore the word is heard,
That's it.
And even after 'fore'...
What difference does it make?

The other day...
I watched a player of 'baseball' lose his bat.
It went flying into the stadium...
To hit someone in the head.
No one warned the 'victim' at all.
No one shouted...
'Watch 'that'.
It's a flying bat.'

Flying bats?
At a baseball game?
Where the selling of hot...dogs,
And pea...nuts with beer...
Is a tradition.

And someone wishes to keep the writing of poetry,
To restrictions?
By whose definition?
And when does prose not become poetry?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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