Deflated Aspirations

Try not to...
Unhear what has been heard.
Try not to...
See what has been clearly seen.
Then try to undo...
All emotions felt to feel.
With a going completely numb.
If under hypnosis.
Or an effective amnesia.
Suddenly to come to have it done.
And after picking one successfully,
Was it noticed an ease came quicker...
To forgive and forget being appalled.
As relief came to a severe pain.
That erased from memory every detail,
Of being mistreated like an orphaned dog.
Swiftly kicked.
In already deflated aspirations.
If this was done and the outcome,
Provided a thorough and total recovery.
You have only God to thank.
For removing from your mind,
A taking of any kind of revenge.
Because there will come those times,
When hypnotism with a scheduled amnesia...
Together to consider.
Praying for this until knees are sore.
And before God arrives.
That closed door to prevent revenge,
Seems to entice an invitation to open it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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