Here, some place on this big earth
I stay in a small house in a narrow lane
They call it the Red light area
They come here to pleasure gain

Here I stay
In the Red Light area
No sense this word makes
Coz in lighted darkness I stay

Brought here as a girl
But to work like a woman
I was expected to
Tender was I, deflowered by a man.

Night, every night
That same sight
He comes with a different face
One is hungry, other desperate

Every night
For me it’s a different name
But it is always the same bloody game
They go away
On their face, no shame.

I am expected
Only to please
With all the sleaze
Left only with some sticky grease

In these lanes
From a girl to a woman I have grown
My identity to me is yet unknown
Never to seek it, never to be known.

Many moons have passed
I have faded
Into oblivion
Erased from pages of the hungry n desperate

Yet every night
I continue to stand here
Seeing the girls turn to women
As they go into darkness
With men, with no shame.

Yet every night
I stand very incomplete…

by Ajinkya Raut

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