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DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)


Poem By David Darbyshire

When you live with Animals
Dogs, Cats and Birds etc-tra
There comes a little bonus as Well
Like, nits, blood suckers and Fleas
So man has to Defumegate
Got all the critters out the House
Shut and locked all the Windows
Then I hit the switch, to Fumegate
I was outside waiting the 60min's
When I realized I left the Budgie inside!
The Dog, Cat and I looked at each other
We thought for sure he would be Dead
But was singing his head off Instead
That was strange he didn't sing Before

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Comments (3)

'How To Get Your Budgie To Sing' by David Darbyshire. £6.99 plus VAT. This one had me in stitches; funniest yet. Great piece, Dave. Love, Fran xx
He probably felt he was on cloud 9, so watch he doesn't get 'cold turkey'! This was hilarious. Sincerely Ernestine
Most amusing David! lol 9 for not giving a shit about the budgie! rofl Grinning at ya Tai