Defying Those Odds

Why is he laughing hysterically like that?

'It's a mystery to all of us.
I'm sure he knows the reason.

After he shocked with that knockout punch,
He just doubled over...
And began laughing.'

Perhaps he's the only one that knew he could do it?
He is entertaining those who believed him to be as 'strange'
As they claimed him to be.
And he is doing that for them for his own amusement.

It can not be denied he keeps defying those odds!
Everytime he is challenged.

You do have a point.
Either way,
He is the only one who really knows his abilities!
And proving he is very capable as well.'

What do you think he will do next?

'Deliver and stun!
Isn't that what he continues to do?
And what he has done? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Some people like that, they walk between the raindrops.