AB (1944 / London. UK)

Degree Of Fear

To some degree found everywhere,
affecting the most tender heart.
fear of the unknown sent to scare,
This instinct of which we are part.

Fear hides within a shadows core,
and reaches out to prick and tease.
Its scent is that of festered sore,
with itching of a million fleas.

Yes! mother you will feel it most,
a precious heartbeat in your care.
And you will act the charming host,
if that unwelcome guest be there.

It lurks in homes where loneliness,
hallucinates with rotting cheeks.
The pits are always bottomless,
and grating is the voice that speaks.

But just as coins can spin a change,
we shrug our shoulders play the game.
There is no end to all things strange,
like weakened fear that has no name

To some degree found everywhere.
Fear of the unknown sent to scare.

Roan Mar.2008

by Ann Beard

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Fear is a bunch of sinister shadows, a shadow has no substance, it is usually a magnified reflection of something lesser than reality. Upon facing fear squarely, we usually find it inconsequential. A lovely poem, well articulated and penned with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
overcoming fear can lead a human being to great sucess too. fear need not be always negative.. u hve written a little thesis on fear. thank u for sharing. very good.
A beautiful poem. My fear is love, love may be awesome for you, but it seems that love is the only thing that has hurt me the most. Good write.
Some strong , strong verses here. GW62
You have overcome fear, and its sibling, silence, to give voice to wonderful work.
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