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Deirdre's Site

As I browsed on the internet I came upon Deirdre's site
Her picture tells more of her than any words that one could write
For she surely looked beautiful so innocent and young
And tears have been shed for her and her praises have been sung.

With brown to blond hair and a beautiful smile she had a lovely face
And I do feel for her family for none to take her place
And the mirror to her innocence her big bright eyes of blue
We can feel sorrow in our hearts for one we never knew.

And in that site of Deirdre's I sense a mother's tears
The sorrow that she carries will be with her for years
The cross she has been granted is such a heavy cross
And mere words a small consolation to her in her tragic loss.

The loss of her child for the mother must have been so hard to bear
And the sad memories will linger though the scars of grief will take time to repair
Life it can be so cruel it has always been that way
And in our destiny it would seem we do not have a say.

Goodbye to you young Deirdre you will ever remain young
Tears of grief have been shed for you and your praises have been sung
Your beautiful image on the internet I always will recall
And words cannot do you justice though your photo says it all.

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