Deja Vu

this question keeps coming to my mind
i know i should just leave it behind
but it just plays over and over again
it makes me want to go insane
i will be thinking this until im long gone
i know that you have already moved on
leaving me behind in a distance memory
i was just nothing to you but trash
when you called i was there in a flash
i would of given up my life just to be with you
you came to me out of the blue
when you said i love you, i got scared
i was totally unprepared
we were just friend but every thought we were a paired
every word i said i feel despaired
seeing each living day is just a waste
as it comes and go in a haste
i may ask you to forgive
all i can do now is relive
the time we had together, the good times
to experience that again i buy dimes
its all in my mind
full of crazy thoughts that make me wanna bake
dreams that make want to wake
now its time for me to move on
but i have already withdrawn
i know i will find another angel like you
she be a deja vu

by Delson Dez

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