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Dejection Before Demise

Stomp my feet
as you walk on by.
Feel free to put on a show
and charge me for it.

For I acknowledge
that I will never receive
treatment like that of a queen
or a prized person.

I will continue to cry
behind your door
after you strike me
to the Earth's floor.

My face is red
from outbursts of weeping.
My stomach accepts
but one meal.
Despondency has come with its symptoms.

'You stupid girl, you not know any better? '
I know no other to fix
my eyes and heart upon.
I know no other that
equals the face of such perfection.

I am housing agony,
conserving it because more
is soon to come,
and is soon to call
upon Death to deliver me.

But till that time,
till Death comes near
my beating heart,
I shall endure
such accommodating pain
for memories in vain.

by Melissa Hurst

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This experience of loss is really hard. It reduces one's self-esteem, vitality, even life. Powerfully dramatic.