Alone I stand on the razors edge
Facing a choice, a fork in the road
Persevere now, or give up
Give up on seeds I have sown

Basest instinct draws me close
But is an animal all that I am?
Am I really controlled by my lusts?
Is this higher existence merely a sham?

How do you set free what you love?
How to do what’s best for them?
For a change it is she that has fallen
Instead of me, time and time again

Can it be that hurting her could help her grow?
Like pruning a beautiful dogwood tree?
Not to mention that the closure
Would finally set this soul free

Why can’t life be easy?
Why can’t decisions like this be pre-made?
Why can’t moving on be easy?
Why won’t the memories fade?

by J.D. Crockett

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