When I was a younger man
I laid out a master plan to live forever young on this evergreen land
All the fruits of labor I could savor each flavor
Over and over and my tastes wouldn’t waiver
Warm breeze after breeze would freeze
The hot summer days and cool shades into my memories
Sunsets would never be done yet, unless
My eyes were hungry enough to take one rest

But the years dragged on
Jets lagged on bored with the sky fumbling paper bags on
Crisp suit after suit with matching briefcase and boot
Shuffled here and there as noisy as a mute
Doldrums in cauldrons of troubling frays
Took the green away and replaced it with mostly grays
I felt smarter and sharper but sadder and madder
I was eyes without a face and hands without a ladder

I was forced to partake
Of the empty star fakes and feel the bitter heartaches
Everywhere I looked was in decay without any delay
Friends, family, and enemies of the state
I thought I hit the top and the trip would go down
So now, time won’t slow down no way and know how
The soul cutter in the drab gutter got duller and duller
I didn’t think I’d ever again see any color

Precious love, this life
Been nice in day and night but I wouldn’t want to go at it twice
I loved my lovers and bugged all of the buggers
That tap danced their answers around Savion Glover
Learned a lot of lessons and even taught a few
Was changed the view I had of living and brought a new
Cut scene to screen in this waking dream
I know I won’t live forever but at least I can see the green

by P.R. Prosper

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