The last time you said no,
And I agreed.
You wanted me to extend to you,
An apology.
I couldn't believe you actually insisted.
You wanted me to resist.
But instead I went along with it.

Remember when I persisted...
To get you to see me differently?
I wanted to prove to you,
I was genuine and true.
But you wanted to play hard to get.
And when you did that,
I had no regrets.

And now you wish to begin again.
After you have discovered,
My honesty is not a trend.
I am not someone you can dump,
And pick back up!
You thought you were too good for me.
But it is you who has run out of luck.

The last time you said no,
And I agreed.
I deleted you off the scene.
And that was done immediately.
I am not the one,
Suffering from an emotion of desperate need.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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