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Deleted Poem From Poemhunter, Repost
ATT (02/09/1978 / San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA)

Deleted Poem From Poemhunter, Repost

Poem By Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

An ocean is a person

A corporation too

If that makes any cents

Then you're a person two

But to be a human being

Is like some distant sight unseen

Depends upon the color scheme

Splashed across a vivid dream

Dreams of persons fill the rich

Taking debt from an empty ditch

Covered in the soot and pitch

The ashes of the hearts of it

Burn the owner and the owned

Suck the marrow from the bone

Another ars upon a throne

Raised by person worker drones

Person too is how I'm defined

Refuse I do to be so confined

Just as my life spands space and time

I am my heart not my mind.


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Very profoundly written and defined images, a remarkable write. I lost some poems here on Poemhunter and tried to view them but they are GONE. Sadly some were posted in many other networking sites with Poemhunter as link. What's happening to this site anyway?