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If I Knew
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

If I Knew

Poem By Dawn Marie Huddleston

The system did not like to see
my fingers hit the wipe-out key.
Delete, it seems is left to those
who have a super-touchy nose.
Use words like...well, you know which ones
and management brings out the guns.
Thus, we shall keep this site so proper
that it would suit the highest copper.

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I tried to thank you for your rare comment, so I went to the forum to do it as the carrier pigeons have fleed the stoop and all messages have been deleted..I thought this one of your poems was somehow proper.
Turks have a dismissive phrase: he works like a clerk. I have turned this insult around: I am proud to say that I work like a clerk.-Orhan Pamuk -Great poem is made of Deletion