Deliberate. Elaborate And Complex

A critical mass.
That has resulted in a task.
Seems to have been secretly reached.
To deliver and complete.
A planned to unfold,
Confusion upon the World.
And complex.
With an array of excessive incompetence.
That leaves those impressed,
How one could address such maneuvers.
To allow their thoughtlessness,
Overrule the threat this has...
On the task to have been implemented.
With the assistance of another picked.
Assumed to be loyal.
And a confidant.
Willing to deceive with provided evidence.
Of treason.
For no other reason.
But to have someone's need to please,
An ego.
Feeding on selfishness and greed.
And exclusive comes one's opportunity,
To get that attention.
With others of equal,
Qualifying pretentions.
Dragged into the spotlight.
Without this to intend.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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