Breath gasping.
Appalling and offensive.

Oozing up to surface.
From gutters below to flood the streets.
A foul odor seeps.
Leaving a few to disagree.
This polluting of the air,
Should be left below.
Kept underneath them.
Where it has been to keep discreet.

Resented is this representation.
Regardless of the truth it presents.
Going away from their noses held high.
Are those perfumed scents.
Meant to forever delude,
A stench denied.
Dressed to camouflage in suits and ties,
What crooks and thieves...
Have always done.
Now becoming more normalized.
And the few incensed,
With their pretentious sentiments...
Refuse to accept,
The ones they've elected to best represent...
Their values to express and openly address.
Are now being protested against,
For exposing to show...
With it made known.
Truth to delude will no longer remain,
Or left to be kept fantasized.
By the few who choose,
Living their lives on excuses and lies.
To deny what has been created,
Had always from the bowels...
Of gutters to make.
With more of it that could not stay,
Prevented not to seep.
Or eventually reek,
Deliberate and intentional havoc.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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