Delicate Descriptions Of The Unitive State As Self-Loss

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

Ruysbroeck describes
the most subtle delicate
descriptions of the Unitive State
understood as self-loss.

He conveys the suggestions
of ineffable joys beyond
all that we had supposed
possible to human utterance
avoiding its pitfalls.

Awe and rapture,
theological profundity,
keen psychological insight,
are here tempered
by a touching simplicity.

Comments about Delicate Descriptions Of The Unitive State As Self-Loss

Flemish mystic John Van Ruysbroeck defines the most profoundly graceful definitions of 'The Unitive State' deduced as 'self-lost'. He discloses hints of indescribable and incommunicable rapture/elation which is above and beyond what was thought possible to mortal articulation, bypassing its drawbacks. Astonishment and euphoria, metaphysical enlightenment, acute spiritual awareness are strengthened by a stimulating purity.

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