Delicate Playfulness, Instead Of The Morose Resignation.

Poem By Genova Maaa my mother

The transfigured souls move to
the rhythms of a ‚love dance‘
which persists in incomparable joy.

This joy remains in all outward
and inward hardships and sufferings.

They enjoy the high spirits, peculiar
to high spirituality and shock the world
by a delicate playfulness, instead of
showing the morose resignation which
normally seems to be expressive of the
‚spiritual life‘.This great joy is declared
by many mystics as an implicit of Reality

Comments about Delicate Playfulness, Instead Of The Morose Resignation.

The altered souls submit to the flow and movement of a 'love dance' which prevails in unparalleled happiness and elation. This joy remains throughout all apparent and innermost tribulation and adversity. They enjoy the exuberance characteristic of high spirituality and astonish the world by an ethereal light-heartedness instead of displaying a gloomy endurance which is usually associated with spiritual life. This exuberance is said to be a constant of reality by many mystics.

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