Delicate Sadness

Delicately touching mind and heart with a sadness penetrating
this being, bringing tears to fall, missing a friend very much.

Always there for him, not understanding why he's now abandoning
and leaving me for dead.

How could such a vibrant, loving man suddenly become so distant
and uncaring.

Wanting to talk with him, tease and love him like before, but
he no longer seems to want me in his life.

Not knowing why, if it's something that I've done or not done,
feeling the emptiness and abandonment keenly.

Creating a void within this heart, feeling the abuse through-
out the years, now hitting intensely, he doesn't seem to care.

Missing his voice, laughter, teasing, caring, hoping he puts
aside his abandoning self and stand beside me once again.

A favorite man, a friend, loving him unconditionally with all
my heart, being hurt by it now so hard, not understanding.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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