I was sitting in our living room chair when it happened

I've been thinking it might happen for awhile now

All they did those days was argue

Even the smallest thing would get them yelling

And while my brother and I sat and watched TV

They came in to tell us the news

My mom said my dad was moving out, they needed some time apart

She gave us false hope that they were going to stay together

My brother sat and cried

And I knew when she said it, there was no hope of being a family again

by Nick Mengerink

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The form of Herrick's fine poem reflects its subject matter.Several end rhymes are errant and partial, e.g. thrown and destruction, there and stomacher. The opening couplet stating the theme rhymes fully, as does the concluding couplet. In between the poet gives specific examples of all that is out of kelter in woman's dress that delights him. This lends variety to the poem, and means that we are able to follow - and appreciate -his argument fully.